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BUSINESS CONSULTING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT: to support you in the Market Evaluation and Survey during your initial Go-to-Market steps and local introduction. We also help you  to manage your relationships with Regulatory Bodies and the local Ecosystem. We support locally your initial contacts, introduction and negociations with Very Large Accounts.

SALES OPERATIONS SUPPORT: we act locally as your Field Sales Manager.
We help you to expand internationally, with primary focus on Europe, and the Hispanic world including Latin América.
Multilingüal support: Spanish, French, English.
We add value to your customers through perfect understanding of your products and services, and leveraging Technical Knowledge.

LEAD GENERATION: we are specialists in Lead Generation, setting up multichannel plans, combinig database exploitation, telesales, emailing and Online Marketing. We also leverage our local contacts and networks.

Our coverage is European and Latin American, multilingüal support.
We have operations and local partners in Chile and operations in France and Spain.
Our Management leverages 20 years + experience in the Hi-Tech, IT and Telecommunications, contact us for references.

Business Development and Technical Sales