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About Us


We help HiTech businesses to expand internationally, with focus on Europe, and the Hispanic world including Latin América.
We do love emerging technologies, and are convinced that faster introduction of new technologies is profitable for the economy and the society.
We do believe in educating people and businesses to leverage new technologies and make good usage of them.
We help you define and execute the right strategy, the right path to get your value proposition into the market.
We do like complexity, diversity, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

We are a Business Consulting organisation, we provide HiTechs with Business Development, Sales, Technical Sales Services.
Our coverage is European and Latin American, multilingüal support.
Our Management leverages 20 years + experience in the Hi-Tech, IT and Telecommunications, contact us for references.

Roberto F. SANTANA SERRA, Owner and Manager.


Santiago - CHILE
Madrid - SPAIN
Paris - FRANCE


Phone ES: +34 661 77 50 28
Phone FR: +33 6 05 71 10 63
Skype: rsantana777